are partial dentures hard to get used toPartial dentures are a functional and aesthetic solution to missing teeth. If you have a row of teeth missing or are going to have an area of teeth removed, partial dentures are an option for tooth replacement. However, you may have some questions about partial dentures. For example, “are partial dentures hard to get used to?” or “how well do partial dentures stay in place?”


Let’s look at what to expect from partial dentures and some key ways you can better adjust to your new teeth. 

How Do Partial Dentures Work? 

Partial dentures allow you to replace missing teeth without removing all of your teeth for complete dentures. The difference between partial dentures and dental bridges is that partial dentures are removable, while bridges attach to remaining teeth. In many cases, partial dentures are preferable to bridges if your remaining teeth are not strong enough to support a full bridge.


Partial dentures can be made from a wide range of materials, from polymer and resin for the replacement teeth to metal bases for the dentures themselves. While anchored partial dentures do exist, for the most part, people who get partial dentures are investing in removable dentures, as implant dentures require significant surgery. 


Removable partial dentures work by sitting on top of your gums, usually with some dental adhesive. Not only do partial dentures mimic the look of your natural smile, but they also help maintain your jaw shape and can prevent facial sagging as you get older. 


Why Could Partial Dentures be Hard to Get Used to? 

Partial dentures may feel bulky when you first get them. This bulkiness tends to happen when you’ve gone without teeth in one area of your mouth for a long time. Thankfully, your mouth will adjust over time. Ensure to properly care for your dentures, including storing them in dental cleaner and water when not in use, as this helps them remain flexible and maintain their shape. Remember, never place your dentures in hot or boiling water, as this can cause them to change shape. 


How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Partial Dentures?

It can take some time to get used to partial dentures. Expect a few weeks of adjustment for new dentures, though the actual timeline depends on the patient. Contact your dental team immediately if you experience discomfort, odd smells, or chafing with your dentures. This could be a sign of oddly fitting dentures or dental hygiene problems.


What Can I Do to Get Used to Wearing Partial Dentures?

Getting used to partial dentures is easiest if you keep wearing them. Try wearing your dentures for the majority of the day, and practice speaking and moving your mouth. If you feel your dentures are slipping, invest in some strong dental adhesive to help increase your confidence when wearing your dentures. If you are experiencing issues with your partial dentures, give your dental team a call, they are always there to help. 


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