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Dental Crowns

Have your teeth suffered extensive damage and you hope not only to preserve their remaining integrity but also to improve it?

At Artistic Smiles, we believe that the metal-free dental crown is your best option. A dental crown, also known as a cap, is a tooth-shaped casing that is placed over the damaged tooth in order to strengthen it and return it to its original condition. For this procedure, we prefer to use metal-free crowns, which are made of porcelain to closely resemble natural teeth in structure and appearance. We consider this a part of our cosmetic dentistry procedures because, aside from repairing the teeth, metal-free crowns result in an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The porcelain crown is as durable as natural teeth – if not more so! – which allows it to restore the proper functionality of your damaged tooth.

Metal Dental Crowns

In the past, metal crowns were used for this procedure because of the durability of the material. However, metal crowns eventually turn dark as the porcelain casing wears away, and the metal becomes exposed at the root as your gums recede with age. The exposed metal might also cause discomfort to sensitive gum tissue.
Dental Crowns Miami

We will recommend the installation of a dental crown in any of the following cases:

  • If your tooth has suffered a severe fracture or break or it is in a severe state of decay, it is likely that a tooth extraction is not required because a large enough, healthy chunk of the tooth remains in place. Leaving the tooth as it is would result in a lack of balance in your teeth as a whole which, in turn, would jeopardize your overall oral health. A crown will, therefore, restore that balance.
  • If your tooth has undergone a root canal procedure, where much of the inner structure has been removed, you will need to have a crown installed over the tooth’s hollow shell.
  • If a large filling has previously been placed into your tooth, and the filling is now damaged, the safest and most efficient way to replace it is with a crown.

At our Miami FL dental office, we guarantee that you will walk out of your appointment with a beautiful and healthy smile, which will last a lifetime with the proper dental hygiene routine. Contact us today for more information about dental crowns!

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