teeth cleaningGetting your teeth routinely cleaned by a dental professional is crucial to maintaining your overall dental health. Teeth cleaning, while comprehensive, are surface-level and work in tandem with your daily dental hygiene routine. Deep dental cleaning, such as for severe periodontal disease, may sometimes be needed. 


Here, we discuss the cost of routine dental cleanings, deep cleanings and what to expect from both cleanings. Without further ado, let’s jump into the topic at hand. 

Cost of Routine Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings vary in cost depending on if you have dental insurance. Dental cleanings include cleaning the surface of the teeth, flossing, and applying a fluoride treatment to maintain your teeth. Your insurance can completely cover this routine cleaning, or it can cost between $75 to $200 for teeth cleaning in Miami, FL. 


While this may seem a steep price, routine dental cleanings also include your dental team looking for cavities, assessing overall cleanliness, screening for gingivitis, and checking for other signs of dental issues. Regular dental cleanings are a great way for your dentist to determine how well you care for your teeth and offer advice on other great dental hygiene routines you can implement.


Think of dental cleanings as an investment in your teeth. Caring for your teeth with twice-a-year dental cleanings ensures your teeth stay healthy for a long time. As a bonus, routine dental visits allow your dental team to catch signs of decay or other dental problems and treat them sooner, leading to better outcomes. 

Cost of Dental Deep Cleaning

Dental deep cleaning, also called scaling and planing, is a form of dental cleaning used to remove bacteria from the surface of your teeth. This process smooths the enamel and makes it harder for bacteria to cling to the surface. If you have gingivitis or are prone to bacterial infection, dental deep cleaning can make a major difference in the health of your mouth.


Dental deep cleaning can range from $150 to $350, depending on whether you have insurance and need to be sedated for the procedure. While numbing agents are used for dental scaling along the roots, general anesthesia can also be used for any procedure under the gum line. Your dentist may recommend sedation if you are generally nervous about dental procedures or if they need to scale beneath a significant amount of your gum line. 


Dental deep cleanings are one of the primary treatment options for anyone with severe gingivitis, especially if the surface of their teeth is uneven or rough. Dental scaling may also be used in cases where bacteria grow beneath the surface of the gums in pockets and can be paired with gum pocket removal surgery as a comprehensive treatment option for periodontal disease. 


If you’re looking for teeth cleaning in Miami, FL, check out Artistic Smiles. Our team of experienced dental professionals can help restore your smile and provide twice-yearly cleanings to keep you healthy. To schedule an appointment for a routine cleaning or to discuss dental deep cleaning, call us today at (305) 271-3333.

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