Linking Cosmetic Dentistry And Preventive Care

cosmetic dentistTreating yourself to a new smile can feel like an exciting journey. From the moment that you decide to improve your smile, to the moment that you walk out of the dentist’s office, it’s easy to get carried away with the process.

It all starts with a consultation which will be conducted by the Dr. Elejabarrieta. Your consultation might include x-rays, a clinical check-up, before and after photos, and even diagnostic study models. You’ll look at educational materials and discuss your main concerns with the dentist and assistants to determine the procedure (or procedures) that are most suitable for you.

At your next visit, or in a series of visit, the doctor will get to the work of perfecting a new smile that will meet your expectations. This could include professional teeth whitening, changing out old discolored fillings, porcelain crowns, veneers, or dental implants.

Once you are able to look into the mirror and behold your new smile, you might feel that the journey is over. But, don’t sell yourself short. In reality, completing your treatment only represents the end of the first phase of your dental care. After your cosmetic dentistry is finished, you should move right into the second and equally important phase: Preventive Care.

Taking good care of your smile will become a daily responsibility, and you might feel more motivated to take this phase seriously once you have invested your time and financial resources in the first phase.

Brushing and flossing to control plaque, eating right, managing your health, and visiting your dentist regularly are the keys to maximizing the value of your beautiful smile. At your check-ups, your teeth will be assessed for signs of wear and tear, and your restorations will be evaluated for signs of deterioration. You will also receive valuable support and advice to ensure that you are doing your very best at home.

For a beautiful smile that will last, start by contacting Artistic Smiles today.