No Dental Insurance, No Problem

Pink Piggy BankAlthough we all need regular dental care throughout our lifetimes, many of us have found ourselves without dental insurance coverage at least once in our lives. In fact, there are many Americans who have little or no dental insurance coverage, which certainly isn’t enough to cover the cost of quality dental treatments. Fortunately, even when your insurance coverage falls short, it is still possible for you to receive the care that you need from a quality dentist.

It’s true that the cost of dental care can escalate quickly. If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, it is easy to burn through your annual benefits with just two checkups and cleanings each year. If you do not have coverage but are able to cover the costs of your routine checkups, you’ll still need to be prepared for additional out-of-pocket expenses such as fillings, crowns, or cosmetic dentistry. So, if you need dental care and you aren’t independently wealthy, what are your options when you don’t have dental insurance?

Discount dental plans are a reasonable option for people without traditional dental insurance. Many of these plans can be purchased for a low annual fee and provide you with an immediate discount on a long list of common dental procedures. Rather than submitting an insurance claim and waiting for reimbursement, you will only need to pay the previously determined discounted rates at the time that your dental care is provided.

Dental financing is another affordable solution for covering the cost of your dental care without insurance. Whether you have no insurance or the cost of your dental care exceeds the amount that is allowed by your insurance plan, dental financing allows you to spread your payments out over an extended period of time. Some dental offices may offer an in-house financing option while others might direct you to a trusted third-party medical finance service for assistance.

You deserve top-quality dental care that isn’t limited or dictated by an insurance company. If you don’t have enough dental insurance coverage, to you have no coverage at all, it’s no problem. Contact Artistic Smiles today to learn more.