Partner with a Miami Dentist for a Superior Selfie

Couple SelfieWith the growing popularity of social media and online sharing, a simple picture of your smile can be worth much more than a thousand words. Your smile conveys a message to your friends, it represents your business or your brand, and it can even help you to land a great job. So, which characteristics would a cosmetic dentist in Miami say are most likely to ruin your selfie every time?

Dull Teeth. Even if you are brushing and flossing on a daily basis, time and various circumstances can make a “clean” smile appear dull. Professional teeth whitening is a safe and relatively simple way to brighten a lackluster smile.

Uneven gumline. When the gums are not scalloped neatly around each tooth, your smile can appear unbalanced or lopsided. A simple gum surgery can be performed in the dental office to make the gumline more even, making the size of each tooth appear more proportionate.

Patchy fillings. Old resin bonding can become discolored over the years, and the edges of these fillings can become magnets for plaque and food particles. Replacing these fillings with newer, more natural-looking materials, or concealing them completely with porcelain veneers can help to eliminate this common cosmetic flaw.

Missing teeth. When you smile, the space left by missing teeth can cast a dark shadow in your pictures. Even missing teeth that are towards the back of the mouth can be seen when you smile broadly. Replacing your missing teeth with a fixed bridge or dental implants will eliminate the gaps in your smile and help to maintain the proper contours of your face and lips.

Chipped or broken teeth. A small, jagged edge on a front tooth can seem to be magnified in a close-up selfie. Natural-colored bonding, porcelain crowns and veneers are perfect solutions for restoring damaged teeth.

How many selfie’s do you take before you can select one that you feel comfortable sharing with your friends? If the quality of your smile is preventing you from getting your selfie right on the first try, consider contacting our friendly staff about making your smile internet-ready today.