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Miami Dentist ReviewsPatients are raving about the care they get from Miami dentist Dr. Elejabarrieta. Here are a sampling of reviews from actual patients:

When I first went to Artistic Smiles with Dr. Yon I was scared to death. I had a lot of bad experiences at the dentist and I was so afraid I would be hurt in some way, shape or form. Also, when I went, I had already been quoted outrageous estimates to get started on my mouth. With Dr. Yon, he was reasonable, everything was very clear, and the most important thing is that they never hurt me; a gentle experience but a good one. I will recommend them to everyone, I have my children going now and my husband will later. Everyone in the office was really nice and also helpful; it changed my life and I have a new mouth and I’m very happy.
Stephanie, Miami
I just wanted to let you know the doctor has made such a wonderful change in my teeth. He’s wonderful. He knows what he’s doing and he’s really transformed my face and my smile and I’d like to thank him for it.
Esther, Miami
My experience during my visit at Artistic Smiles was a very pleasant one. Once I arrived for my appointment the staff immediately greeted me with warm smiles and answered all my questions. They were very professional.
Gretchen, Miami
Dr. Elejabarrieta is the best doctor in South Florida. I believe one of the best dentists there is. He recently did some unbelievably beautiful work on my teeth. He makes you feel so comfortable when you go into his office. So glad you made that visit. Thank you, Dr. Elejabarrieta and all his staff at Artistic Smiles, thank you.
Barbara, Miami
I have been a patient of theirs for a few years and I could not be more satisfied. The work that they do is very good of course but the thing that stands out about them the most is the way they treat and care about their patients. I feel that that when I go to the dentist they’re not just my dentists but they’re also my friends.
Denise, Miami
I have a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Yon. The procedure was painless and fast. He is very professional and knowledgeable. His staff is very friendly and courteous. I personally highly recommend Dr. Yon.
Miercoles, Miami
From the first time I came into the office they made me feel very welcome and addressed all my concerns. The staff is really professional and friendly at the same time. I think Dr. Yon is the best. Thank you.
Norica, Miami
Must GO! Just got my wisdom tooth removed. Trust me, You won’t find a better doctor that can take care of Your teeth. Dr. Yon was very friendly, and made sure everything goes right. My wisdom tooth went numb, and in like 5min he was able to extract it – no pain, no knowing if anything is going on. He extracted my tooth without me even knowing that something is happening. I was so shocked when he told me that it’s all done. Didn’t even have time to mentally prepare for the extraction. Made me happy like crazy. Thank You Dr. Yon, thank You (everyone in Artistic Smiles). You guys are the best!
Ali M.
If you are looking for a dentist in Miami, look no further….you’ve just found the best there is. Dr. Yon is one of the most caring, honest, ethical and overall outstanding dentists I have ever met. But, don’t take it from me…every single one of his patients will tell you the exact same.
I am an orthodontist and have hundreds of patients in common with Dr. Yon. I have yet to have one patient not absolutely RAVE about him. From a clinical prospective, Dr. Yon is extremely talented and his work is simply incredible. Dr. Yon is extremely meticulous and every single one of his dental restorations (veneers, crowns and fillings) look completely natural. It’s very difficult to make dentistry look that good. You’ll also have a hard time finding a dental office in Miami that looks as good as Artistic Smiles. The entire office is new and he has the highest level of technology to make dentistry as minimally invasive as possible. The best part is that you can watch TV, during any procedure, via the large LED TVs mounted above each patient chair.
Dr. Yon and team, keep up the great work! It is such a pleasure to work with you!
Derek A. Sanders DMD MDS
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